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Mar 22, 2007


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Campaign denies it and chastizes media un-named outlets (CNN, Politico) for spreading the rumors. There is livenlogging on BlueNC, DKos and Pam's House Blend.

J. Neas

I don't always agree with everything he says, but I've also learned to expect that in Big Election Candidates. That being said, this really bums me out. John Edwards has been one of the few candidates I earnestly got excited about voting for. When Kerry's banal nomination happened in '04, his choice of Edwards as his running mate actually re-energized my disinterest in his candidacy.

And with all that being said, I sure hope Elizabeth comes through okay. My only personal knowledge of her is listening to her speak at ConvergeSouth, but it was a great impression and my thoughts are with them both.


Consider this.

John Edwards (D) suspends presidential campaign when wife's cancer returns.

Newt Gingrich (r) delivers divorce papers to cancer-stricken wife as she lays in her hospital bed so he can be rid of her to marry the woman who he's been having an affair with (who he later divorces to marry another women he was having an affair with).

All snark aside, if this is true, I am really bummed. I supported him in '04 and was hopeful he would be our guy in '08.


And of course I am upset about Elizabeth's health. Though hopeful.

Marcus Kindley

I would say that we all need to pray for Mrs. Edwards and her continuing battle agaist this cancer.
We should remember her Children and the rest of her family.
It is sad for anyone to undergo this trial. I personally know that faith is a great sustainer in a time like this.
Prayer is a beautiful means to support those facing these time. I would suggest each of you do so, not only for Mrs. Edwards but for all those in need.


Update: Cancer was caught early, is treatable, she looks good and campaign is moving on with no interuption.


CNN reporting that Elizabeth's cancer has recurred but Edwards will continue campaign.


As my Brooklyn born father would've said "what a class act" the Edwardses are.


"I would say that we all need to pray for Mrs. Edwards and her continuing battle against this cancer.
We should remember her Children and the rest of her family."


And in light of the prognosis, Edwards is doing the right thing by continuing the campaign.


"In light of the prognosis"???? Her prognosis is that she will die some time before his first term would be over. Stage 4 breast cancer spread to the bone and possibly the lung is NOT "like diabetes." The five year survival rate is around 20%. I wish her nothing but the best and I admire her greatly and believe that continuting the campaign is exactly what she wants for them both, but I can't imagine how this will really play out. I'm really surprised he didn't put the campaign on hold for at least a few weeks while they learn more about her condition and treatment.

Ed Cone

NYT, 3/22/07 quotes Dr. Christy Russell, the co-director of the Norris Breast Center at the University of Southern California and the chairwoman of the breast cancer advisory group for the American Cancer Society: "All the statistics are meaningless from that point on. It comes down to her and her cancer."



You can be sure they have talked about this before. What if?

The doctor said she should be able to go on with her life for the forseeable future. I appreciate your compassionate attempt to shove her in a closet and cover her up so you don't have to watch her deal with the disease, but guess what? People have cancer. People have cancer and fight it. people have cancer and continue to do their jobs, or go out and fulfill their dreams for as long as they can.

Guess what? That's their decision. Not yours, not mine. Saying "her husband should suspend his campaign to be with her" treats her like the wilting flower she most definitely is not.



I can assure you that it is my intimate knowledge of the effects and treatments for stage 4 cancers, particularly those involving the lung, that led me to make my post. I am not in need of education from you about the disease.

And what's up with the quotation marks around YOUR words--"her husband should suspend his campaign to be with her"? I said nothing of the sort.

To Ed,

Whenever anyone is diagnosed with cancer, be it the first or the tenth time, s/he is always told that statistics mean nothing in individual cases and that is, or course, true. And, almost always, the patient vows to fight, to beat the disease and not to allow it to change his/her plans and dreams. That's a healthy attitude, IMO. But the larger reality here is that Edwards is now asking us to vote for a President of the United States whose much-loved wife has a terminal illness. AFAIK that has never happened before and I'm having a hard time seeing how any of this will end well for Edwards personally or professionally. Running full steam ahead at this point, without even gathering full information about her disease spread and its treatment, seems more like a George Bush reaction to events than a John Edwards one. OTOH, Edwards has surprised me more than once already since he began this campaign.


The United States, during the Civil War, had a President of the United States who lost his much-loved oldest son.

I am not afraid of my leaders being human, and suffering loss, and grappling with tragedy.


"Guess what? That's their decision. Not yours, not mine. Saying "her husband should suspend his campaign to be with her" treats her like the wilting flower she most definitely is not."


Elizabeth Edwards'disease and the treatment of it does not have to stop her husband's campaign at this point.

Ursula Hackethal

The absolute best thing John and Elizabeth Edwards can do is to continue the campaign. When my husband was diagnosed with agressive prostate cancer which had already spread to his bones, he went back to work full time and continued to do so until two months before his death. (He lived for 2 1/2 years after the diagnosis.) How sad it would have been had he sat around waiting to succumb. The important thing was that he LIVED AND ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT OF HIS LIFE! His determination also uplifted the entire family.

Ed Cone

My father also had prostate cancer that spread to his bones, and he also uplifted his family with his determination to work and lead his normal life as long as possible.

I cannot say, however, that he enjoyed every moment as the disease and the treatment ravaged his body, and as death approached. Nor, despite his strength and the strength we drew from him, can I imagine that any of us would have been very good leaders of the free world during that time.

Elizabeth's disease is different, and her path may be very different, too, and it may be that an Edwards campaign and possible presidency are fine and suitable things.

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