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Mar 15, 2007


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John D. Young

I tried to post this over on Lex's sight but could not get it posted.

Thanks for the information Lex!

I did have a fairly good phone conversation today with Mr. Hennis. His comments are somewhat similar to some of the comments of Roland Wayne Wood that the Klan came on Nov. 3rd with the intention to heckle and demonstrate against the Death to the Klan March. Mr. Hennis said that the Klan was responding to being called "snakes who were all cowards and afraid to come out from under their rocks." He said they were also responding to China Grove -- the burning of their flags and the attack and disruption of their meeting. Serious death and injury was just kept at bay at China Grove one shot by either side would have caused havoc.

He said he was a long time paid informant on the Klan for the FBI. Some Klan groups in NC during 1979 were very heavily armed with M-14s and submachine guns. He said that if the Klan had intended to attack and kill CWP marchers then everyone would have come with these types of military weapons that were readily available. He implied if that had been the intention it would also have been a different group of Klansmen who knew how to use the military weapons. He mentioned that the Klan usually spent much of their time fighting among their different factions. The FBI helped to plant stories and keep the Klan fighting among each other.

He said he had been interviewed a couple of times before including an interview by someone making a documentary but what he had to say never appeared. By talking to the Klansmen involved and to Eddie Dawson he understands that on Nov. 3rd the Klan caravan was attacked with some CWP marchers kicking the cars and other hitting the cars with sticks. Warning shots were fired into the air to run off those kicking and hitting the caravan near the front. A stick fight began in the intersection and the Klan came into that fight unarmed. Once a CWP shotgun was seen and once a CWP pistol was seen and fired the Klan went back to their vehicles and got out their guns.

Mr. Hennis said that both he and Eddie Dawson as informants had a "lot of rope" and were just on their own doing whatever they wanted. He thinks that Dawson and possibly only Dawson was actually hoping that the Klan's heckling would lead to a fight -- "some action." Mr. Hennis said that Dawson was under no orders from the police but said that Dawson did like to show off and stir up trouble. He said that Eddie Dawson was somewhat of a loose cannon, never really committed to the Klan but was out for himself.

**Hennis' main point was the Klan came to heckle but with no intention to murder members of the CWP. The CWP attacked the Klan caravan and during the intersection stick fight the CWP introduce weapons into the stick fight. He said this T&R stories in the N&R only talk about the Klan attacking the CWP and that he is tired of that constant incorrect story.

Mr. Hennis story is consistent with most other Klan/Nazis accounts. His comments are also similar to what the jury heard in the courtroom. Mr. Hennis said that Bob Cahoon, one of the defense attorneys, also knew the true story of what happened on Nov. 3rd and was able to explain this well to the jury. He said he was willing to speak at a T&R event and tell his "true story of Nov. 3rd."


John, I'm not sure why your comment didn't get through. At worst, it should have been held for moderation, but I just checked and that hasn't happened. I'm going to check with IT when I get into the office this morning.

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