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Mar 28, 2007


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Good and good.


There may well be details that change my mind, but violating a web site's terms of service by accessing information that they don't want you to access makes you a prick, not a criminal. Unless the web site was defaced or misused in a way that caused financial harm to the site operators or participants, I don't think there was a crime.

Roger Peabody

There was no crime. Nothing more than Patti Stokes getting her panties in a wad because she has nothing better to do.

Ginger Bush

I don't understand why news reported here is continually hashed and rehashed. What is the big deal? Do people have nothing better to do than spend their days speculating and offering opinions?

I've seen it happen over and over again, and I guess the answer to my question is no, they have nothing better to do. Still, it never fails to supprise me.

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