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Mar 29, 2007


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Danny Wright

Belzer, in the minds of both my wife and me, will ALWAYS be "John Munch" from Homicide. One of the best shows ever.

The Southern Dem

Belzer is a hoot. He did a great job on Bill Maher's show a couple years back. He had me laughing so hard I was crying.

Uncle Remus

The GOP has experience electing an actor as POTUS. I'd love to try a comedian. Good post, BTW.

Jim Caserta

On L&O, he's still Munch, just transfered from Baltimore. I've got a photo from outside the bar in Homicide, and it's right across the street from a police station. I think as a leader, I'd rather go with Munch's boss.

Ed Cone

Homicide was a great show -- maybe the last great network drama before HBO took over?

I might get behind a Yaphet Kotto campaign.


Flashback: Belzer in "The Groove Tube" (1974). Some hilarious skits. Belzer as lawbreaker, not law enforcer.

As a teenage male, the "Hitchhiker" skit still sticks in my mind. Partly because it introduced me to the great Curtis Mayfield tune "Move On Up" but mostly because of the, err, scenery.

Danny Wright

I prefer Andre Braugher for President. The man is definitely decisive:

Fred Gregory

Vote for Richard Belzer? Yes Ed, I guess you would.

Defeatist Idiot

Ed Cone

Your knickers sure twist easy, Fred dear.


Re: Dobson -- When did evangelicals take it upon themselves to decide who is and who is not a Christian?

Re: L&O --Watched a bunch of them. Now, Lost, there's a show I've never watched. Tried once and quit after the first commercial.

Ed Cone

I've avoided Lost and many other shows I'd probably like because I don't want to like them and feel compelled to watch them. And the DVDs are always there if I want 'em.

Cara Michele

Sorry, Ed, I think Munch is too much of a conspiracy theorist to run for prez.

But Fred Thompson? I'm a fan. On L&O and in real life. As the president? I'm intrigued...

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