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Mar 04, 2007


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Guilford Native

I can't believe that nobody has brought up the question of why UNC-CH's #1 player was in the game with 14 seconds left...and a double-digit lead.

Roy Williams made a strange decision not to pull him out in the end.


Intent is not relevant. He didn't make a basketball play. G didn't.

Given Coach K's reaction during, and especially after, I am surprised nobody is talking about what I expect, and that is another game or two added to his suspension.

But once again, Ed, you make the most important and thoughtful point that I have yet read about this unfortunate incident:

"I'm glad Hansbrough seems to be OK, and that Henderson made it off the court without incident. It was a scary moment in more ways than one."

I am in New York, and it seems like Coach K. had an Isiah-type response, he looked facially, and spoke just like Isiah did the night that Zeke had JR Smith
taken out. You can not support this type of "blaming the victim".


Eric Montross early on noted that even though some of the players are friends, during the game "there will be no niceties exchanged."
And how. Glad T. is OK.


"Roy Williams made a strange decision not to pull him out in the end"

Roy had Mike Copeland waiting at the foul line to replace him. Roy said " it wasnt his fault that we missed a FT and Tyler grabbed the rebound."

I imagine sports talk radio will be abuzz today with callers about the incident. I like AM 850 out of Raleigh.

J. Neas

I sometimes am behind about this stuff, but the referees don't have video review over these kind of situations, correct? If that's true, given what happened, the way it happened (the ball was out of the way of Henderson's arm a good second before his arm connected with Hansbrough) and the result, I don't necessarily think the refs made a bad call. They didn't get a chance to pour over the scene several times.

Given the numerous video replays I got to see as a t.v. viewer, I think it's fairly obvious that his intent was not malicious. A bad choice, perhaps. I think the ejection was proper, the suspension, I question.

Jeffrey Sykes

I could write an essay about the play and how it represents a new level of "taught aggression" on the part of coaches at every level.

One Duke player had mugged Tyler and the play was over. Henderson's aggression was in no way warranted.

But the most appalling aspect of the situation is Coach K's flippant response about "why are the starters on the court." It was bad enough when Isaiah used it to justify a mugging in the NBA.

Coach K's true colors are now revealed and he can't possible have any shred of virtue left to hide behind.


Packer's son has a syndicated show out of Charlotte. 3 or 3:30 on 97.9 (i think). This oughta be good this afternoon.

The Southern Dem

I'm ashamed of you, Ed.....providing temptations to kids who should be doing their school work. Go Heels!

I won't pretend to get inside Henderson's head/heart to talk about his intent. It certainly looked overly aggressive and intentional. I've watched the tape over and over and it looks like Henderson was going for Hansbrough's head, not the ball. That's even where his focus was. Watch as he's coming down. His face isn't positioned anywhere in the direction of the ball. I might not be able to get inside his head, but I can watch his body language, the direction of his focus and the leaning downward motion of his arm and upper body.

Coach K is a whiner. Always has been a whiner. It doesn't matter whether a first string or second string player is hurt. Somebody was hurt and his player was responsible. Whiner.


Clearly an intentional foul. Doesn't mean he meant to cold cock him, in fact, it looked like he closed his eyes before swinging, then the other layer made a block, and neither the ball nor Hansbroughs arms were there anymore - his nose was.

But Henderson clearly intended to hack the crap out of him. Flagrant and intentional. Combative? Yes. Suspension warranted.

As for why Hansbrough was on the court? That's not exactly an excuse for a flagrant foul. If that had been some scrub, it would STILL be a flagrant foul. K and Billy Packer (the biggest idiot in the history of broadcasting - and yes, I am accounting for the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" guy) are essentially saying that the foul would not have been committed if Hansbrough wasn't in there.

Well, doesn't that mean it was intentional?

I hate the Tar Heels, but Coach K just established a new layer of reasons to dislike him and his program.

Neither one of you wants to play Davidson in the tournament. Just sayin'.

Ed Cone

Deadspin on Davidson: "If Dell Curry did some more reproducing, he could really help out the smaller basketball conferences of America. His son Stephen was on fire in the SoCon tournament final today, torching the College of Charleston for 29. He racked up 79 points in the tournament's three games. Well done, fruit of Dell's loins."

A Davidson alum tells me Dell's boy wanted to follow dad to VaTech, but was not encouraged by the Hokie coaches...


He was told he could walk on and be redshirted.

He said, "you don't seem to understand, but McKillop does, so see ya in the tourney."

And from the projected seeds I have been seeing, we stand a good chance of seeing VaTech in the first round.


The kid is unreal. And his little brother is evidently every bit as good (and also considering Davidson).


When Duke beat us (soundly) earlier this season, it was (a) earlier this season; (b) in the midst of a strong Duke run; (c) when our guys were still baby freshmen led by juniors whohad never really played together.

THIS Davidson team is not THAT Davidson team. Not by a long shot. And this Duke team is not that one either.

I would like to play that game again.

Ed Cone

Packer had a good riff yesterday. He said there are 50 teams out there this year that could beat the potential champion on a given night.

Nantz asked if he was saying that there are 50 teams capable of winning the championship.

Packer said no, not all of them can win six in a row, but each of them could on the right night beat any of the teams that are capable of winning six in a row...


Thats 790 The Ball that carries the sports talk Packer thing at 3 or 3:30. Pretty good stuff on any given day.

Dr Frank: Davidson has done absolutely everything a smaller program is supposed to do including good schedule, win some big games and win their tournament. I truly hope they make a run. I suppose you must play some one but wishing for Duke or Va Tech may be tantamount to a "death wish".

Good luck. Ill most likely be pulling for you guys.

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