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Mar 26, 2007


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Smart guy. 4 blocks seems close enough to me. Of course, that particular park located 4 blocks is private.

I have downtown-itis. Though pleased as well as proud with progress over the past 5-10 years I am reaching a saturation point about downtown stuff.

Ed Cone

Center City Park is "private" in terms of being owned by a non-profit instead of the City, but it's open to the public and very much a park that people can enjoy -- unlike, say, Gramercy Park in NY, for which one needs a key to enter.


I read David's comments and putting a residential complex there is not a bad idea, especially if it involved more entertainment, retail and restaurants, which the Southside neighborhood lacks. The only issue would be the fact that ploping a complex there would obstruct the view of Greensboro Skyline that Southside residents paid for. I would miss seeing a clear view of Greensboro's skyline, driving along MLK, unless the complex were limited to one story and two stories at the most. The two story buildings would have to be closer to the railroad tracks to help limit the obstruction of Greensboro's skyline. But there could be enough land left over for a small park/plaza/square.

but if they cant decide what to do.....a nice pond will do like the one I created in this photo


Your preferences are noted but limiting the develoment to one story buildings would be ... well.... limiting.

The Southside neighborhood lacks nothing as downtown is just blocks away. Still not close enough. Geez! Some people are never satisfied. Particularly when it involves other peoples money.

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