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Mar 07, 2007


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John Robinson

Just to be clear, the writer and I were talking about visual arts and, more specifically, visual arts criticism, as opposed to coverage, in the paper.

That said, you could be on to something. I think David is a special, special talent, but perhaps he's not unique. Anyone else out there interested in what Ed is suggesting.

Ed Cone

Wharton is playing this game at a higher level than most pros, to be sure.

But I would bet that there are plenty of talented folks who could and would create and contribute criticism and news coverage -- not just of visual arts, but of music and dance and, for that matter, rec league sports and bass fishing and...whatever.

The paper could discuss all this in print, where it has the most readers, and on its web pages too. Brief tutorials on how to set up a free blog, standards and practices, etc, could be included. And in theory at least, the whole thing would take on its own momentum.

Alan Cone Bulluck

Kudos for a newsworthy and important article about a family that eats spaghetti every once in a while. What the hell was that?

Ed Cone

ACB, I had a 7:30 meeting this morning, and I was a little dazed and pre-caffeinated as I read the paper, and I sat and stared at that page for a while while the coffee brewed, wondering the same thing you did.

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