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Mar 25, 2007


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I think you'll probably lose at least three guys.

Hell of a way to lose.

Jeffrey Sykes

I have never seen a Carolina team continue to chuck 3 balls and completely go away from our style of play for 10 solid minutes. Tyler had 20 with 14 minutes left and Montross said "Hansbrough wants to carry this team on his back to the Final Four." Then they didn't get a bucket, while chucking 3ball after 3ball. With about three minutes left, Monstross said "Woody, your going to have to console me if we shoot another 3."

I chucked my head set when Ty passed out to Ellington at the end of regulation. WTF? The court was spread, he had a step, go to the rack!

I'm disgusted.

Young, yes. But I'm dumbfounded at the decision making in the final 10 minutes plus overtime.

Alan Cone Bulluck

I'd be shocked if Wright came back, but Hansbrough and Lawson, not so much. Psycho T is a great college player, but Eddy Landreth had a point last month when he wrote that his survival as a human being may depend on him jumping ship before he is killed inside - literally. However, if recent history is any indication, we should expect to lost at least three.

Great YOUNG team! To loss really hurts too, because we had it won. I'd rather lose to Duke than a bunch of Young Turks from the district.

John G

Georgetown just wanted it a little more.
Oh! and by the way UNC blew it!

Ed Cone

ACB, you'd rather lose to dook than Gtown?

Huh. That's just weird.


On the other hand, the old time DC area college hoops fan in me says maybe it's just time for another Hoyas' national championship.

Fred Gregory

Ed..and others like me who bleed Carolina Blue.

I am sick at the way in which this one slipped away.
No second guessing though, at least, from me . If one hurt more, it was the 1977 Marquette loss.

I say everybody stays. Takers? And the red shirt kid from Dudley will surprise a lot of folks. Can't lose a guy like Terry and be the same team but such is life and college hoops. Wait till next year.
The program is in good hands and not to worry we will be competitive. Go Heels.


I finally figured it out. I hate the sadness of losing more than I enjoy the excitement of winning. A lot more.

Which means my whole balance of interest is totally whacked out. I should have kept weeding the garden.

Preston Earle

So, who'd athunk it! The last ACC basketball team still playing is Clemson. Go Tigers. We're all Tiger fans now aren't we Ed?

Preston Earle

Ed Cone

I've got a good friend -- Tiger Frank -- who makes sure I'm giving Clemson love.

Jim Caserta

The continuity from last year's tournament to this years is amazing. Two teams potentially get a chance to try to avenge losses to the Gators in last year's tourney. I expect the same continuity next year, just with different teams ending up in the final 4. UNC & Kansas are both young, and UCLA has no seniors on their roster (but will probably lose more than KU or UNC). For all the "madness" the elite 8 were the 8 best throughout the season.

Go Gators!

Ed Cone

Anglico, you've got a point, although the sweetness of winning is pretty damn real -- just think back two years, and wait til next year...

Fred, I was considering the hierarchy of painful losses yesterday. I guess the factors include potential of the team, quality of the opposition, and state of the program.

By those standards, yesterday was less painful than many -- it was the collapse that was so bad, less than the sense that a team of destiny had foundered.

Marquette '77 is probably my #1. Fl St. in the Final Four in '72 was awful, in large part because I was nine and it was an introduction to the cruelty of the world.

Indiana in '81 sucked, we were so close that year, and I was there in the Spectrum to watch them lose. Jamison/Carter/Cota losing in '98 is right up there, that was such a good team and they lost to...Utah?

Black Sunday '79 comes to mind. The true upsets are soul-crushers. Weber St. Texas A&M. Heavy sighs.

MJ and co's loss to Indiana in '84 was pretty bad...The collapse of the '94 team to BC early in the tourney was bad, but at least there was the previous year's championship to think about.

Enough wallowing.

Great group of kids this year, fun season. Lawson says he's coming back, if Hansbrough does, too, look out...

David Boyd

Loss to Arizona in '97 with Shammond Williams going 1 for 13 was bad too.


We're all Clemson Fans my butt. If one thinks having the NIT "Championship" stay in SC is a good thing .... whatever.

"We're #66!" "We're # 66!"


Jon Lowder

Ed, I was surprised to see last year's loss to GMU (for the 800th time I'll mention GMU is my alma mater) didn't make your list. Not so much because Mason was a weak opponent, but just the shock of losing to a program that had never won an NCAA game until that particular tournament.

Jeffrey Sykes

Any Final Four loss has to rank at the top of the list, especially 97-98 with Carter and Jamison. In both of those games we stunk it up in the first half, only to lose by a hair.

1981 is the first Final Four memory for me. I think Reagan being shot tempered the pain of the game in my mind. Thomas and the player who was later paralyzed really outplayed the Tarheels.

1984 loss in ACC semis to Duke stands out in my mind, as does the Indiana game later that year. I just didn't think, as a 13-year-old, that Michael Jordan should ever lose a college basketball game, especially after having seen him cap a 20-point comeback against UVa by stealing an inbounds pass and rocking the rim for the lead, then out jumping Ralph Sampson for a game-sealing rebound.

We've been blessed as Carolina fans to have great players over the years.

What makes yesterday so hard to swallow is that Tyler and Deion Thompson outplayed Hibbert and Green and then the rest of our team forgot about the one guy on our team who is a candidate for the Wooden Award.

I still am thankful for the effort all the players gave. Watching Hibbert and Oden will be a fun time.

Jeffrey Sykes


Losing to GMU last year wasn't a shock to me at least because our team had already exceeded all expectations for a freshman dominated team, and the two players for GMU were really good and put on a great show.

Ed Cone

Yep, what JS said about last year -- plus GMU went to the Final Four, so there was some retroactive justification, plus it was on the heels of a UNC championship -- as I said, my pain elements include potential of the team, quality of the opposition, and state of the program.

And, remember these are the MOST painful, not the full catalog of pain.


How does GMU qualify as a weak opponent? Perhaps immediately it was a bad loss in "our" minds but GMU proved us as well as many others wrong about that!

I wasnt a Carolina fan until my waiting list delayed acceptance in 1978 so most painful losses are somewhat limited by that fact. Ill go with the loss to IU (being a Indiana native and having a very obnoxious die hard Hoosier fan family), Black Sunday in general is up there as well. Any loss to Dook at any time. UNC losses used to ruin my week, them it became days and then progressively shorter lenghts until today. I am almost recovered as I type.

Still dislike Packer. Thought he did his usual, poor, negative tinged job yesterday.
His 15 minutes are looooooong gone.

Jon Lowder

JS and Ed, good points all. Kind of amazing that UNC could have so many painful losses in addition to all the success. Shows the consistent state of the program over decades, not just years.

BTW, yesterday's game was a blast for me. I was a teenager living just outside of DC during the great early-80s Georgetown run. I used to run into the Georgetown players all the time around town, and even crossed paths with Big John Thompson a couple of times. My affiliation was with Georgetown then (to the great consternation of my NC-bred parents) as it was yesterday, and hearing the names Ewing and Thompson being used in the present tense during the game was really a kind of a "Back to the Future" experience. And with Roy Williams head coach now and assistant coach in '82 it was a lot of fun to think of all the connections between the generations.

Jon Lowder


I wrote my first comment poorly. It shouldn't have implied that Mason was actually a weak opponent (obviously they were better than most people thought before the tournament), but that they were probably perceived to be a weak opponent at the time they beat Michigan State and then UNC that first weekend of the tournament. As Ed says, there's a kind of retroactive feeling of "it wasn't as bad as we might have originally thought" after Mason continued its run.

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