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Feb 26, 2007


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The CA

Just as I suspected...

Ed Cone

You suspected that Matt knows a lot about online campaigns?

The CA

No, the part where you help lead the session of a partisan affair. Because we all know, and you have let us know over and over, that their isn't a partisan bone in your body.

Ed Cone

Sam, I've written hundreds of opinion columns and thousands of blog posts. My views on all manner of political and social issues are out there for the world to see. Your repeated insistence that I'm in some sort of political closet is bizarre.

That said, you shouldn't read too much into my appearance on this panel (a top-secret session you know about because you read it on my blog). Talking about the use of the web is an avocation (and occasional income-producing gig) for me. Last month I sat down with Marcus Kindley and talked about using the web. Last year, I spoke with John Hood about ways to throw a successful web/politics conference. I spoke at the conservative blogcon in Nashville. For that matter, I covered much of the same ground at a monthly meeting of the bar association -- it didn't make me a clandestine lawyer.

John G

"it didn't make me a clandestine lawyer."
Thank God for that Ed!

The CA

"Your repeated insistence that I'm in some sort of political closet is bizarre"

Then I suppose you won't be whining anymore when I criticize you for being partisan in your analysis (what little you actually offer) and putting ideology above principle. Every time I do this, we enter this familiar pattern where you deny any partisan motives and then attack me for even suggesting as much. I hope that your statement means that in the future, I won't hear you advocating the "lameness" of the "they do it too" as a shield to avoid your double standards. Instead, you'll just say "you're right, they do it too, but they aren't Democrats". That would the most honest thing you could say.

I also assume you won't object if the N&R or Brad & Britt or any other media that gives you the time describes you as a "Democratic activist".

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