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Feb 18, 2007


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Nuther good column Ed.


u r smart.


OK, now try to predict the future: 2008, 2012, 2020, 2080?

Is this the moment of evolution of the entire campaign process with an inevitable clash between the old-style and new-style? And the old style will inevitably go join the dinosaurs?


Great insights ['specially since I already had one and a half of them on my own] Mr. Cone!

Thank Coturnix for finding you another regular, albeit distant, reader.

This seems a good point to ask a question: Do the "old media" [lets say Time/CNN] "get" blogging as a channel of political news and discourse? They seemed quick to report the embarrassing mismatch of Marcotte and Edwards as if blogging were too much for campaigners to handle. Time actually has bloggers on its website but I get the feeling there is always a leash.

Blogging is too amorphous yet and may always be but your synopsis of its standards is apt. The trust Amanda's readers place in her is strongly dervives from the fact that she seems to write without a leash. But then, similar things could be said of Limbaugh I suppose. Why is there not symmetry of consequence for rabid rightwing and untactful leftwing expression?


Your points are spot on as usual Ed. Bravo!

Heather Flanagan

It is my goal to have people recycling their TVs by 2013! Just watch me do it!

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