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Feb 07, 2007


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I have to agree with the blatant "glass houses and stones" thing here. Just stoopit!

However, I for one am not opposed to folks being held accountable for what they write or say in public or semi public forums. The mean, nasty tone and foul language of the blogosphere has been a topic of discussion on this site on occasion.

We all have a right to free speech and freedom of expression. None of us have a freedom from consequences due to our "expressions". Blogs and bloggers are becoming a political force and with that power comes responsability & accountability.

Perhaps the chickens have come home to roost for all the sniping, flaming and snarky comments. I kinda hope so.

Maybe some of the politically minded, butt heads here should take note. This stuff can bite you where it hurts in the future.

Fred Gregory

The Rah-Rah Breck Girls are back:

Faster Than A Two Day Judge

Fred Gregory

Glenn Greenwald .. As discredited as Joe Wilson. Ed, Puh-leeze. No I am going to be nice and refrain from acting the way Amanda sterotyped ,us, Republicans.

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