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Feb 25, 2007


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Will you be posting a link to tonight's score?



Cute, Doc. Let's put things in perspective, shall we?

Your Deacs didn't lose this weekend. Of course, they didn't play either.

And your Wildcats got a win against the always tough... Keydets. That'll really bump up your RPI.

You've had your fun, now go back to the kiddie pool.


Ed, thanks for the video link. I wish it included the block as well.

Also, if there was an ACC coaches under-achiever award, it should go to Roy.

When you are up 12 with 7 minutes to go, great teams take it to 20. They need the killer instinct. They also need to shoot much better than 50%(8-17) from the FT line if they want to go to the F4.

Thank goodness its still Feb.

Ed Cone

Still Feb, but it's March on Weds...this team has not developed the toughness it needs. Reminds me of the Felton/May/McCants squad the year before it won it all, when they didn't know how to finish...

That said, they showed some grit at BC and Dook...GT and then Dook and the ACC tourney are all important tests before one-and-done.



My Wildcats are 25-4, 17-1 in their conference.

They should win the SoCon, but if they don't,no biggie. No seniors on the roster.

And Stephen Curry is just a freshman. A freshman Ol Roy would love to have on his roster, from the looks of the three point shooting UNC did at the end of that Maryland game.

It's going to be a fun three years and two months.


"if they don't, no biggie."

You mean, "if they don't, no bid" don't you?


We will make the Sweet Sixteen in the next two years. Maybe even this year.

But because of the bias against the smaller conferences, and the ridiculous prospect of other teams making it in without even having 500 records in their conference, you are right, either we or App State are going to get hosed.


Davidson beat UT Chattanooga tonight, by ten.

One down. Eight to go.

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