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Feb 06, 2007


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Hear, Hear.

The Greensboro blogging community is truly exceptional. Just one caveat, with as many blogs as we now have, make sure that you are saying something different. One obvious way to do that is to be personal, but another is to focus like a laser on an issue or area of importance. Oh yeah, and when you have something on our great state's politics, post it on BlueNC.


Thank you Ed for highlighting the importance of local blogs. Not matter where you live you're local. Its about time everyone on the planet start thinking about the local/global connection. Its a 21st century essential to think macro<->micro.

Robert P.

Imagine if every county had an Orange Politics.

Brenda Bowers

I am relatively new to blogging (Sept.'05) but I recognized very quickly how blogs could influence local politics and could be the most important means of communication in the future. People talking to people across town or around the world; think of that. It is awesome! And it is lethal. Criminals in government have no place to hide because their deeds will come out on someone’ s blog and the word will spread. Newspapers have always had their biases; it is only human. Bloggers have their biases, too but by reading and comparing one can generally arrive somewhere near the truth. The internet has given the man on the street a voice, and he is learning to use it and use it well.


Well said! But how do we keep the blogosphere from getting too lopsided? Do places like technorati do enough to spread the wealth of web traffic? Or will readers keep concentrating more and more? What if we had reverse search engines, that gave us the LEAST popular blogs and sites that deal with a particular issue?

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