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Feb 25, 2007


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He and his Celtic teammates were THE consummate example of a basketball team, and an example of the Red Auerbach legacy. They were all basketball PLAYERS rather than individual egoists who sometimes put their team ahead of self.

He will be fondly remembered.

Ed Cone

The Lakers on the other side of that great rivalry were also team-oriented, which is part of what made it such an epic decade in the NBA.


".....which is part of what made it such an epic decade in the NBA."

....the likes of which those of us who stopped following the NBA sorely miss.

Danny Wright

I think the apex was the Dream Team in the 1992 Olympics -- of the 11 professionals, any of them could have started, and they were all legends in their time. After that, the Bulls carried on the team concept pretty much exclusively, and I guess the Spurs have as of late, but I agree, the NBA now pretty much sucks. Consider the fact that we don't even have the best national team in the world anymore. I think that any time US Basketball plays Argentina, for instance, in the near future we will be deserved underdogs. The professional players simply are not as good of basketball players as the players from 10-15 years ago, Shaq excluded.

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