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Feb 20, 2007


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I reiterate "Greensboro Massacre"?


"I reiterate 'Greensboro Massacre'? "

Ah, but it's part of the Truth and Reconciliation process, don't you know?

Whose "Truth" it is is obvious.

Ditto for Whose "Reconcilliation".

I wonder when the version of the Guilford College "hate crime" is coming out?


Hey, Bubba, Steve Sumerford at the Greensboro Public Library is looking for people who are indifferent, or even hostile, to the T&R process to speak at a forum the library is hosting on March 11. He's serious.

John D. Young

One's ideological slat is instantly identified when Nov. 3rd is referred to as "The Greensboro Massacre." But even within that ideological framework some fairness and balance can with effort sprinkle into the documentary. I hope this documentary has a few sprinkles.


"He's serious."

About what?


He's serious about wanting people to take part in the March 11 discussion at the main library who are skeptical of the report and its recommendations, or even downright hostile to it. He's also looking for people who are skeptical of, or hostile to, the PROCESS that led to the report issued last spring.

As you probably remember, the town hall in December consisted of panelists who all either were part of the process or strongly supported it. The library didn't play such a big role in organizing that event, and it didn't host it.

The library is hosting this one and is the main organizer. Sumerford (who works for the library, in case I didn't connect those dots) is trying to get different people into the room for the March 11 event.

But he's a little bit unsure how to DO that, other than saying, in effect, "The door's open; y'all come."

You've been quite vocal about the whole thing; why not come and speak?

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