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Feb 09, 2007


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I posted about that on my blog yesterday. It's a vagina. Every female has one. If you call it a hoohaa, you sound like a moron. I can just see that little girl on her honeymoon...give me a break. Read what I had to say about it by going to me blog! ;-)


I've seen some bloggers use the term in a kind of ironic way, usually in the context that they are using that term because "vagina" would be offensive to the people they're lampooning.

I just like the word because it sounds funny. It could mean "foot" or "belt sander" for all I care.


What a concept. Trying not to offend the general public. If it makes anyone feel better, I wouldnt want to see "The Penis Monologues" in foot high letters either. But more importantly, I wouldnt want my kids to see it.

Is that so hard for folks to understand? Got kids?

Ed Cone

Yes, two kids. Both of whom were aware before they could read that people have genitalia, and that there are appropriate ways to refer to genitalia, and that correct anatomical terms are generally more acceptable than slang terms.


Great. I trust you have also discussed that very same appropriateness in regards to when and where one might use certain words?

Is that not the real basis for the discussion?

Ed Cone

Yep, that's better framing than the previous "got kids?"

I don't think it's inappropriate to use the word "vagina" in that context.


I appreciate the discretion of the owners in this instance. I understand that seems silly to some. To me, it is not only about where you "draw the line" but actually getting to draw that line yourself. I wouldnt have lost any sleep in this instance. No LTEs or anything.

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