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Feb 27, 2007


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The Southern Dem

Thanks for plugging the new blogs, Ed. Wayne Goodwin also started an 8th District blog a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know whether you'd seen it.

Ed Cone

Got a link to that NC 8 blog? Other grassroots organizing blogs for NC politics, from any POV?

I'm mystified by the conversation in the comments at Blue NC, where the NC5 blogger responds to pushback on fundraising by saying "We have been told that a free site would be useless."

They've been told wrong. One reason blogs are revolutionary is because you don't need a designer or a big monthly hosting fee.

I would hate to see grassroots organizing stunted by the perception that there's a price for entry.

Brenda Bowers

And The People's News grows! A wondrous thing it is. I am so happy to have lived long enough to have seen it and to have the opportunity to become a tiny speck of it. Sometimes I look around at the world now and I am glad that I am on the back side of life and that my time of growing and being productive was spent in a gentler more innocent time. We had hope then....No actually we had belief! We KNEW we could change the world for the better. We made some bad mistakes, but we did some good too. Now the belief and hope are even gone. It seems men are filled with corruption and greed to the exclusion of any caring at all for their neighbor. HOW I LOVE AND NEED CARA MICHELLE'S BLOG, AND JOEL'S AND LENSLINGER'S AT THE END OF MY DAY.

Then I look again at the technological miracle we have at our fingertips and I have hope again that people speaking directly to people will turn the world around and move us onto a more steady road to peace on Earth. Brenda

The Southern Dem

Wayne Goodwin served 8 years in the NC House. He's new at this and started a blogspot blog. I have to admit, I haven't been making the rounds as I should. Here is the link.

I will let you know if I come across any others.

I agree it doesn't take money or a fancy design. I was thinking about starting a community blog for the Charlotte area and was going to use Drupal and basic hosting. I simply don't have the time. Charlotte is way behind the rest of the state when it comes to blogging. Maybe later - or I can cheer someone else on when they start one.

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