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Jan 02, 2007


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That was the best football game I've ever seen in my life! Down by 7, 4th and 18, with seconds to go, Boise State runs a hook and ladder for a 50-yard touchdown.

Then, in overtime, BS puts the quarterback in motion down the line, hiking the ball to a wide receiver who throws a touchdown pass to a tight end. With an extra point needed to tie or a two-pointer to win, BS executes the Statue of Liberty flawlessly. Stupendous!

Oh, and after tailback Ian Johnson scored the winning two-point conversion, he proposed to his Boise State cheerleader/girlfriend. Better than Cinderella.

Jonathan Jones

I was grousing quite a bit this weekend because, for a variety of reasons, the first time I was able to sit down and watch any football was at about midnight last night.

Oh boy, did that half-hour of football make up for it.

That was about the most fun I've had watching a bowl game in years. Although I wish I hadn't turned the t.v. off before seeing Ian Johnson's proposal. He must've figured that was the only thing missing from a game that otherwise had everything.

Jeffrey Sykes

That hook and ladder was incredible. The pass from the WR to the TE took big guts.

After that the SOL play was icing on the cake.

But it all started with the hook and ladder.

A classic for sure.

Here is the whole thing condensed to 2:33

4th quarter + OT

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