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Jan 01, 2007


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Thanks, Ed.

We're pretty excited about prospects for the year ahead, especially with our new front-pagers on board. I think it's fair to say that the North Carolina 2007 Legislative Session will be blogged!

Robert P.

I think BlueNC could serve as a real clearing house for NC, as a multi-user site.

Ed Cone

Flesh that idea out a bit for me, RP, when you get a chance.


BlueNC rocks!


Interesting take on the Edwards candidacy. I think his best chances are if either Hillary or Obama runs but noit both. Since one running will clear the field of a lot of folks and Edwards is a good alternative to either, but with both running, they will dominate the stage too much.

John Burns

Obama only is a front runner because the media has been saying that for 45 days straight. The man is impressive, and I like him, but he's never won a race iun which he faced a real opponent. Bobby Rush crushed him, and he ran against a certified Grade A joke for Senate.

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