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Jan 13, 2007


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But.... but.... Sam Spagnola said it was just a bunch of burned out hippies and young punks! Surely he wouldn't misrepresent something like this, would he?

The CA

Just because the guy is a professor doesn't mean he isn't a hippie. And I witnessed the whole thing and Joe's story is pretty much on the mark. The story about the fire truck IS true. The truck wasn't immediately blocked (i.e., it was in the intersection at the time) but it was going down Market towards the intersection and traffic was stopped. I heard the engine coming. I looked out the window- the police were in the intersection. Right after the police cleared the area, the engine came through, so it was delayed because of the protest.

Stew, even Liz Seymour (age 57) one of the arrestees described some of the others as "scruffy". So if it will make you happy, MOST of the people protesting were aging hippies and impressionable young people. The age of the arrestees bears this out as well as most of the other people I saw in the crowd.

P.S., lighten up. My story is pretty accurate with a little sarcastic license taken just for fun.


Sam, please, your age is showing. NOBODY says "hippie" anymore.

What's next? You gonna tell us Bush is "groovy?"

David Wharton

"Just because the guy is a professor doesn't mean he isn't a hippie."

Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater (the professor in Joe's post) isn't a guy, and she isn't a hippie.

On the contrary, she's a very professional teacher and administrator.

Jeffrey Sykes

This has all become incredibly boring.


Hippies are everywhere.

The CA

I'm sure some of the other 50-60ish people at the protest have real jobs, too. That doesn't mean they aren't still aging hippies at heart.

Lighten up, folks. I think you get the point.

The CA

Also RE: Professor Chiseri-Strater from Joe Killians excellent column that Ed linked to above:

"She said something about feeling embarrassed to still be in her professor's clothes and seemed pleased, in a way, that I was covering the event."

She is embarrassed by her "professor's clothes". Sounds like a hippie to me, you know, all worried about dressing up like "the man"... Perhaps a tye dye would have made her feel better.


Yeah, Sam, I dig what you're sayin'.

The CA

Right on, man. You're one cool cat dude.

Heather Flanagan

Speaking of hippies, here is a video that shows that hippies still know how to have fun dispite all their time spent at protests:


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