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Jan 15, 2007


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Randi, has made a nice living at this so-called debunking stint. He is the scam.

If one wishes to enlighten oneself on this subject there is an excellent online source.

It is Ingo Swann's site:

Ingo's approach can be quite deep and dry. As a result, it feels to me at times like work.

In addition, he has his online bio available at the site. It is quite entertaining.

Other nuggets include digital copies of his oil artwork. One of which is in the Smithsonian.


James Randi's website, wherein you may find lots of great info on pseudoscience and other alleged paranormal stunts:



I doubt The Rhine in Durham will be all that enthusiastic about Mr. Randi.


Randi's site is an excellent example of his wellhoned scam.

If one is at all new to the subject matter, I would suggest one view Randi's site FIRST. If one has never had a premonition, or hunch out of the blue, or deja vu in their life, Randi's site would at least get one to a minimum understanding of the subject matter.

Ed Cone

The "so-called debunking" shown in the video needs no modifier; just calling it "debunking" is accurate.

As for Ingo Swann, here's some debunking of his alleged powers of "remote viewing."


So you have a fully informed opinion ? Right !

Mustafa Mond, FCD

Project Alpha from Banachek's site.

David Wharton

Thanks for the Randi vid. On a related note, The Illusionist (which I watched last night) is a very entertaining movie with sort of the same point. Great score by Philip Glass.

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