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Dec 23, 2006


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Fec Stench

It looks to me like you are getting a serious response from the city - in the guise of a mole appearing at Ben's blog.

John D. Young

The Troublemaker, has repeatedly given us important information and some of that information is provided by Ben a day or two sooner than from other sources.

This recent Willow Oaks post does deserve a careful response from the City but it is just one of may important post. The Troublemaker is a needed and valuable voice in our community.

If Ben decides to use his Carolina Peacemaker style and his deserved N.C. Press Association Award style then I am sure he will have a broader, more palatable appeal. But whatever the style his content is needed and appreciated.



I think you putting it here is a great start for that serious city response.


Thank you for the kind words.

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