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Dec 31, 2006


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Thank you, for showing us how it's done.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!!!


Thanks for the all the writing this year.

May your next year Rock Steady.


I'm ending the year with this song in my head—can't seem to shake it.


Thanks for the information and inspiration. You're the best!

Happy New Year to you and your's, and may 2007 bring all good things.

Fred Gregory

Ed, I'll be back. Happy New Year


We wouldn't leave even if they paid us, would we Fred?

Happy New Year to all....

Britt Whitmire

..and even to you, Connie

Dr. Mary Johnson

. . . especially to you, Connie. And Rachel.

Kirk D.

Thanks for the wonderful forum to connect with people both local and international. Its been a fun ride this year and I'm sure it will continue in 2007. Happy New Year everyone.

John G

I have to check in at least twice a week;love the rants and raves!
I hope '07 is better than '06 was; to all!


Many thanks to you too, Ed! You're a fount of knowledge and good sense, as well as a constant inspiration to sluggish bloggers.

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