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Dec 21, 2006


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Joe Killian

You have no idea how up I'd be for this any other day of the year (no pun intended).

Tomorrow, however, my girlfriend will be at her folks' place and I'll be in the car most of the day on the way to my folks'.

The universe conspiring against me. Again.

The CA

I believe there should be bipartisan support and participation for this historic event.

The CA

It would be better and more topical if it was "Global Orgasm for Piece" day


Dang, I blogged this, then I missed it! Heck! That tells me I oughta add your blog to the RSS feed.

Jill Foster

Empathizing with the 'drat' feeling...: My husband noticed we missed 'The Day' last night and we both felt like dweebs -- considering the different tech 'round our house that if WE USED regularly e.g. update PDA type stuff, we'd know exactly when to participate in these patriotic events!

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