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Dec 28, 2006


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The CA

So now "The John Edwards Love Fest Show" begins in earnest on EdCone.Com. God, I hope my stomach can take it.


Just to make CA need more Pepto, Maryam and I are arranging to get a few more shirts overnighted so John Edwards can wear one when he gets back to NC - or in Iowa. I was floored early this a.m. when I read his blog (I was still in DC at the time). It was an unnecessary but much appreciated Scoble comment.

John D. Young

Edward's early and aggressive support for the War in Iraq will keep many from supporting his candidacy. This will be a problem for most who run in 2008.

Most of them will or have apologize for their initial support for this War but such late apologies do not help the many thousands maimed and killed nor will it help the US service men and women who will be killed this next week. The suffering and deaths on the Iraq side are overwhelming by any of the estimations.

The CA

I'd wear one, too- if I was into supporting hypocrites like Edwards.


John Edwards is the real deal. Granted, Al Gore, Dennis Kucinich, Barak Obama and Hillary are also real deals, but other than Gore, they also have pitfalls that may be exploited to their and the party's detriment.

Edwards' quality and timeliness has been picked up by Mr. Scoble, who has a knack for correctlty detecting trends. I personally have suspected that Mr. Edwards would become President since the 1990s and posted articles stating as much on's Table Talk, on Edwards' previous political sites, and elsewhere.

He is no hypocrite. He is going to beat the hypocrites whose lies have broght us to this dire place.

The CA


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