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Dec 31, 2006


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Eric Muller

Ed, it gets worse:
He ratchets up the falsehoods a notch, and calls my blog "highly judeo-centric."

The CA

Brad usually plays it pretty straight. Maybe he can tell us his side of the story soon.


So whose version of the interview is correct?

Ed Cone

Brad's version supports Muller. I'll post his email if and when he gives me permission to do so.

Britt Whitmire

I'll see if I can get a copy of the interview when we go back to work on Tuesday, but, apparently, Brimelow woke up last week and needed some money, so he decided to lie about an interview that happened SIX (6) MONTHS AGO! I don't know if that has motivated people to write checks, but it's a head-scratcher.

Ed Cone

From Brad Krantz: "FLAT OUT: Mr. Brimelow is a liar. He lied about me, my show, his appearance on it, and he lied about Eric Muller."

Eric Muller

Brad Krantz's full reply, from which Ed quotes, is up at my blog. I imagine Brad and Britt might have a bit more to say about this when they're back on the air.

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