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Dec 11, 2006


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And if every candidate did this, perhaps we could smoke out more of the loonies before they get in a position to do some real damage.

(Although, active as my imagination can be, I'm still having a hard time picturing Robert Moores or Calvin Hinshaw blogging .... )

Ed Cone

Absolutely. A blog (or comment function) will do a lot of bad candidates more harm than good.

E.C. Huey

Mr. Cone: thank you for posting this to your blog. I invite all of your readers who are concerned with the sorry, pitiful state of public education in Guilford County to go to my new Website, www.hueyforguilfordschoolboard.org. There, you can learn about me and my candidacy, read my campaign blog, read my published statements and review the campaign coverage so far, and learn how you can join the campaign to retake our school board from the politicians and the special interests. I eagerly look forward to welcoming your readers and look forward to discussing the issues involving putting children first in Guilford County.

E.C. Huey

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