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Dec 16, 2006


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Comrade Mike doesn't even list the John Locke Puppetshow as a Libertarian resource! What's up with that? Could he be trying to distance himself from the local free-market fundamentalists? Do they not meet his threshold for sanity? Weird. Munger is part of Art Pope's so-called faculty network, whatever that is, but he doesn't show them any love on his blog.

Go figure.

The CA

I guess he still couldn't bring himself to become a Democrat.

Connie Mack Jr.

I guess he still couldn't bring himself to become a Democrat.*CA

Sure he could do that if he decided he was really, really a serious candiate instead of a academic theory course in political science. After all the big tent policy in the democrat party still has a sign out front saying the circus is still open.

Of course he could jump back to the Republican party and become it's Keynote speaker at the next party convention in a phone booth.

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