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Dec 21, 2006


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Robert P.

Ed, I'm glad to see that you will cover this at least! : )

The latest CNN poll doesn't even ASK about Senator Edwards. Now, let's get this straight. He's leading McCain in a national poll, he's leading by 20 in Iowa, he is leading for union endorsements in union-heavy Nevada, and he's from South Carolina. In other words, he has strong leads/ties in 3 or the first 4 primary states, yet they don't ask about him?


"Leading by 20 in Iowa"?

It's one thing to be optimistic about your candidate's chances, but really......

The only people he has 20 point lead on are Biden, Bayh, and Richardson.

Regarding the point about Big Labor, AFL-CIO hasn't been heard from to my knowledge, but it may not matter. The influence of Big Labor in politics is but a mere shadow of what it was at it's zenith.

The other obvious point in all this is that we're talking about events that will take place more than a year into the future.

Having said that, you need to remember that Smart Money still says its Hillary's nomination for the taking.


Her's a better link than the one I posted in my first comment.

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