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Dec 16, 2006


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Kirk D.

Talking Points Memo also has a story related to how badly things have been going. They've published a chart of insurgent attacks against coalition, civilian and Iraqi security forces based on figures from the Government Accounting Office. The results paint a clear and bleak picture for where things are heading in Iraq.

The CA

You're right, Ed. Every war always goes as planned and ideas and strategies never have to change to adapt to them. Isn't this exactly the reason you have been bitching about Bush ad infinitum- that he won't change his plan? Yet, here you go complaining because the plan was changed when events changed. That's the real kicker.


"Yet, here you go complaining because the plan was changed when events changed."

Ssssh....you weren't supposed to figure that out, Sam.

Kirk D.

Classic, avoid the main crux of the post boys. Typical.


"Classic, avoid the main crux of the post boys. Typical."

As usual, Kirk misses the point of Sam's post.

Are we really surprised?

The CA

Kirk, the post has no point at all if its sole purpose is to bash the President as opposed to truly discuss the issue. How do we know this? By the duality that I pointed out. Why waste time with someone who doesn't truly believe what they say as evidenced by their past comments? You won't get anywhere because they have already demonstrated that their position is subject to radically change at any given moment for reasons that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. In the end, it is such a person who avoids the crux of the issue.

Fred Gregory

Let's lighten up and have some fun.

Danny Bonaduce puts one a nutroot with microphone and camera, here:

Vaffanculo Jerk

Kirk D.

Sam, please show me where Bush has acutally changed course. As far as I know, its business as usual in Iraq right now so the point you and bubba were trying to make is actually moot. Am I wrong?

The CA

Yeah. Ed's post shows a very clear change in course. So much so that he complains about how things have changed since then. It also depends on what you mean about a change in course. The military plans and political plans have all changed incrementally over time in response to the situation. As far as a major shift, Bush will be announcing one in the next three weeks.

Tell me, when should have Bush made a major change and what should the change have been? The problem I have with all these complaints is that they are generic and operate on a subjective timeline.

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