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Dec 28, 2006


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David Boyd

Yeah. That's a beautiful ride. And it does seem to be underrated for some strange reason. You'd think being so close to so many, it'd get more acknowledgement.


Great ride Ed. We used to take 81 always for the same reasons...beautiful.

Jay Ovittore

I know that drive all too well. It is pretty. My only problem is that Virginia is too damn big. I like it when I get to W. Virginia, then 20 minutes later Maryland, then 10 minutes later Pennsylvania. Always makes me feel like I'm making headway.

Danny Wright

Agree wholeheartedly. Funny -- after reading your post I realized that I have been down both I-81 and Skyline Drive coming out of the DC area back to Greensboro. But I discovered a hidden gem back in 1993 on a trip to DC when I opted out of the 35 mph speed limit I saw posted at the southern end of Skyline and ended up taking US 340 all the way from Waynesboro to Front Royal. Though you're pretty much down in the lower elevations between I-81 and Skyline, you are able to look up at the mountains all around. Those three routes together make for an interesting perspective.

The only speeding ticket I have received in 20 years of driving was on I-81 just outside of Lexington. And I remember a Steve Irwin "Crocodile Hunter" in Shenandoah where he found a TON of rattlesnakes.

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