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Dec 07, 2006


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Ms. Peacock

The process of why this change happened makes sense, because schools with poorer test scores lose funding, as sort of a form of negative reinforcement. Of course, this is the opposite of what should be happening, because it becomes self perpetuating, as the students who tested poorly now have even fewer opportunities to better their situation.

There's an interesting chapter about this is Freakonomics.


My view is a little different though I see the first impression of negative mentioned above and believe it is very easy to accept at face value that our kids are being penalized when they need more help....

I believe that the Federal level is saying that it is not the responsibility of other regions to pay for Guilford County not meeting the minimum requirements.
With that said it is now up to Guilford County to pay an even greater "additional" amount in order to bring it's/our student's reading to a higher acceptable level. If our local leadership is not willing to solve the problem then why should the Feds help further. (waste of Federal funding that should be spent in districts that work harder to help students)
Our Federal government is speaking clearly to Guilford County....if you are unwilling to help yourselves then we will help those that are making the effort.

As evidenced by the newspaper article -----

"Debbie Maines, president of the district Council of PTAs, said she learned of Guilford’s status through an e-mail that didn’t come from school officials. She has long been critical of the district’s lack of communication with parents."

My simple question is why in the world would any school official not communicate openly with parents or at a minimum the president of our local PTAs?

Our local superintendent says---
"The district already does both, so those sanctions won’t "have a lot of impact," Superintendent Terry Grier said."

...then Grier get off your lazy high paid $%^& and do your job.... THIS IS A LOCAL LEADERSHIP TOPIC having very little to do with students.

So Guilford County---- The question begging to be asked is --How do we best help our students?

Start at the top and demand answers or resignation from Grier as to why our great county can not/did not meet the minimum when some surrounding school systems did. Are we to blame our students?...how about our teachers?....no...this is a leadership issue that rests at the top of our local school system.

What can we do to help?


As one N&R educaton reorter explained on the Chalkboard, GCS is not allowed to provide the extra tutoring, but someone else can do so. I suppose that the theory is that if GCS can't effectively teach them, then they can't effectively provide tutoring. So, there might acutally be some logic there.


Hi Stormy,

Please add a little more information. Why can GCS not provide additional tutoring when Grier says that we are already doing both?

It has surprised me that this post has had such limited response.

E.C. Huey

So Guilford County Schools is concerned about its dwindling graduation rate. Interesting, I thought GCS had the best high schools in the country, according to Newsweek Magazine. Oh, and their answer...more money, more of your money, in the form of a new bond referendum...it’s disgusting how our taxpayer money is being wasted. Go to www.hueyforguilfordschoolboard.org if you’re fed up. I just declared my candidacy last week to run for the at-large position on the Guilford School Board in 2008. I invite your readers to visit, sign my guestbook, review my positions, read published statements and I hope to have your support as we begin to put a grass-roots campaign to take out Dot Kearns and take back our school board.

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