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Dec 21, 2006


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Alan Cone Bulluck

Nifong should spend the rest of his life locked up in a prison cell without ever having the chance to see the light of day or speak the possibility of parole. I'm serious.


And now the rape charges are gone.

Watch him try to attemt to prosecute the other charges against the players though.


I would like to host a blanket party for Nifong...any of course.

Alan Cone Bulluck

Not only should Nifong spend the rest of his life in prison, but his lover and partner in crime, the "defendant," should be sentenced to spend 340 years in a maximum security prison. I'd love to see them both hauled out into town square, tied to wooden posts atop horse-drawn wagons. I want to throw heads of lettuce at them all.

Fred Gregory

Update: I am not making this up. Yesterday while watching a segment of the Today show on NBC I saw the host , Alison Stewart, interviewing the network's legal analyst, Susan Filan. Stewart asked this incredibly stupid and suggestive question : " Why would she ( the accuser )change her story at this point ? She told doctors, nurses and police that she had been raped. Yet now she says she doesn't remember. Could someone have gotten to this woman ? "

Yeah Alison and the Apollo moon landing was staged in a Hollywood sudio. Whew !

Connie Mack Jr

Yeah Alison and the Apollo moon landing was staged in a Hollywood sudio. Whew !* Fred

Have no idea why Alison didn't ask the victim about the frat boys and why she didn't do the around the Moon dance, but the main question to you. Than how come we haven't been back to the Moon in 38 years?

Joe Killian

The last man to walk on the moon was Astronaut Harrison Schmitt in 1972.

Jonathan Jones

Actually Joe, Schmitt was the second to last man on the moon by a minute or so. Eugene Cernan was the last.

In freshman engineering classes at Purdue they always made a point of alumni having been both the first and last men on the moon. That's the only reason I know that.

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