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Dec 30, 2006


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This came up in the comments at Biz Blog a couple of weeks ago. Rumor is a major remodeling that will accomodate a relocation of The Fresh Market to new digs.

Don Moore

I spoke with one of the managers at Hugo's Sunday - she reports that this has been in the works for over a year. Fresh Market will expand to the entire complex, remodeling in most areas, demolishing in others to accommodate higher ceilings. She also thinks that Koury may upgrade Hugo's with a second patio.


Fresh Market is also opening a store at the Target-anchored shopping center on New Garden, giving them three locations in NW GSO.

All the better for me, being addicted to TFM's no sugar added apple pies. They are THE BEST in town....

Kirk D.

Yep, the Fresh Market expansion is a really good thing. Parking at the one in the Quaker Village is a bitch to say the least. Their sushi is awesome and a really good deal for the price. Proud to say I have built a nice working relationship with the sushi lady there. She sees me coming and she knows exactly what kind I want. :-)

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