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Nov 01, 2006


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Dave Dobson

The math's off there, by at least a factor of two, unless they're using those teensy airplane bottles. I'm guessing they used a 150 kg person (e.g. William "The Refrigerator" Perry) rather than a 150 lb person. Either way, though, it's a ton (tun?) of wine.


damn lucky mice if you ask me... :-)

Dr. Mary Johnson

Duplin Winery. Rose Hill, N.C. Muscadine wines. High concentrations of Resveratrol.

The wine tasting alone should give you more than enough Resveratrol.

Sean Stickle

Maybe resveratrol could be made publicly available as "wine extract"? It'd take much less then...

Dr. Mary Johnson

Duplin Winery puts it in pills if you do not want to drink six glasses of wine a day.


....I don't like taking pills...6 glasses ...hmmmm :)

Billy The Blogging Poet

Can Meblogin and I add the pills to our wine?

Dr. Mary Johnson

If memory serves (and the memory is very fuzzy because there were MULTIPLE samplings at the tasting), the recommended "dosage" for maximum heart health was 4-6 glasses of vino per day. Again, the memory is fuzzy.

It's very good stuff . . . the muscadines trend a tad on the sweet side . . . but the dosage was a bit much. I thought it was more likely the heart would not care if it were healthy because it would be pickled.

I do not think there are any contraindications to chasing the pill with the vino. Mind you, I am NOT giving out medical advice.


what red wines in this quantity you live or dead or hangover in some place


Nice article but I think this is too much quantity of wine will give u too much headache and bad health. I don't agree that wine keep you healthy.


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