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Nov 13, 2006


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A 100 County Strategy is a terrific idea---just the type of new school thinking we need and certainly in line with Dean's 50 state strategy---building our party from the bottom up. With the netroots also becoming a serious force, yes, it can be done and both the Shuler and Kissell campaigns evidence this. Many of us, contributed and supported those campaigns even though we are outside of their districts---thanks to the work of netrooters.

Where do I sign up to help? ;)

Robert P.

Thanks for the link Ed. I've posted part I.5 to discuss the online system I had in mind, then on to Part II about the whozit and howzit. This isn't anything new, as you've suggested, but I think the online community in NC can make some noise about it after the success of the 50-state project and help make it happen. Not to mention the offline community.

Ed Cone

The idea may not be new, but the energy and implementation plans to actually make it happen are fresh -- thanks for your leadership.

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