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Oct 13, 2006


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Best vegetarian: Healthy Spice

Doug H

Thai: Taste of Thai

Vietnamese: Saigon

Mick Riggs

Biff Burger
Tex and Shirleys (at Friendly)
Yum Yums

Ed Cone

Well, to each his own taste, Mick, and I would not argue for a minute the local landmark status of those three places...but I wouldn't put any of them on a best-of list dedicated to actual food quality. Smith Steet Diner beats Sex and Twirley's any day.

Patrick Eakes

I give Marisol the edge over Undercurrent for food and the pretty setting (inside).

However, Undercurrent is the much better value.

David Wharton

I love the Castleburger at Fincastles.

And the wings at Minj Grille are indescribably good.

David Wharton

And here's one post-mortem: the bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream at the late, lamented Mark's on Westover could induce full-body tingles of pleasure.

Patrick Eakes

Mark's was by far my favorite restaurant in town, and I am looking forward to his next venture.

I continue to get a few to several hits a day on searches for Mark's on Westover.

Doug H

It's just occurred to me that I haven't seen John Batchelor's reviews in a while. But then, I only have the "weekend" subscription to the N&R. Is he still around?

Patrick Eakes

He is printing a review every other Thursday.

John Robinson

Make sure you buy the paper next Thursday, Astro. The annual Readers Choice awards will be featured in Go Triad. A sneak peek: the readers agree with Ed on Saffron, but not a whole lot else. Go figure.


I think Batchelor's column has been cut back in frequency to make room for the Cheap Eats column.

Go Triad should make room for both each week. It's not an either/or proposition. Most folks patronize both types of restaurants on a regular basis.

Jay Ovittore

Best Mediterranean- Faster Food
Pita Delite, any of them.

I disagree on the pizza- Mario's is way closer to home then Vito's.

The best BBQ- not sold in a food joint Hoggards, hands down Hoggards.

David Boyd

Tried Flemings Saturday. Steaks are the best I've had in Greensboro. Sides were slightly off. Service was jerky. I suspect they'll have it down in another couple of months.

Agree with Patrick on Marisol. It's my fave these days. A lot of the charm of Undercurrent is the space. I hope they don't lose it when they move. For all our sakes.

What? No Mexican? No Chinese?

Ed Cone

DB: I couldn't decide on Mexican, in part because I haven't made a good study of the new wave of small, authentic-seeming places. And I am unaware of any good Chinese food in Greensboro. My steak-loving child and I need to try Fleming's.

JR, no offense, but any survey that rates Waffle House "best" without following that word with "place to get shot at 4 AM" is not one with which I mind differing.

Kirk D.

Best Sushi: Asahi I say.

But can someone PLEASE suggest to me the best place to get a good ol' fashion submarine sandwhich in Greensboro? Please do *not* say any of the following because they are crap:

- Subway
- Any Jersey Mikes
- Firehouse Subs
- Quiznos

I need other options! I'm dying for a good, yummie sub here. Please people!

Ed Cone

Asahi is good, although the service has been an issue at times in the past, and Sushi Republic is just a cooler place...

My Jersey Girl wife does not disdain Jersey Mike's, but agrees that this is not a great sub town...What about Giacomo's? Do they do subs?

Preston Earle

Barbeque: Stamey's does have good 'Q, but for my money, Country BBQ on Wendover is better, and their bbq chicken is 4-star (if anything in a cash only restaurant can be measured with stars.

Margaret Banks

Best tater tots: Beef Burger on Lee Street

John Robinson

Oh, c'mon Ed. You don't think "place to get shot at 4 a.m." was implied?

Wait'll you see some of the other choices. Not sure what it says about some of the readers' tastes. Pretty sure I don't want to know.


How about more barbecue (not ribs) recommendations? As a native of eastern North Carolina, I don't consider Stamey's a serious suggestion.


Carter Brothers is my current favorite for barbecue, but they're in High Point (on Eastchester and on Main St).

Tom Phillips

For barecue try Shane's Rib Shack next to Circuit City on Wendover. Chewie recommended this shortly after it opened. I like it better than Stamey's or Country Barbecue. Their peach cobbler is the best.

ben holder

all of those people who have supported Shane's Rib Shack are going to be sorry they did. They will end up with mud on thier face. You shouldn't eat their. I am right about that. If you knew what I knew you would not want to eat their.

Joe Killian

This is a great list and I agree that most people (who aren't college students) do patronize places featured by both John Batchelor and Luke McIntyre in Cheap Eats. They're both great columns.

It may be ridiculously obvious and some may roll their eyes, but I still really like the Green Valley Grill.

Cara Michele

Kirk: My whole family thinks Manhattan on Tate Street has the best subs in town, by far. I eat their turkey subs at least a couple of times a week. They're also family owned and operated, and they're really nice people. :)

And two of my dining favorites: Ganache and Pastabilities. Good food, good atmosphere, good staff. And both places have delicious meatless meals and decadent desserts. Mmmmm.... ;)

Phil Melton

As a native of Greensboro who has lived in Raleigh since 1985, I don't consider a preference for eastern barbecue to Stameys or Lexington style barbecue serious. And there's no eastern barbecue place I've encountered to have slaw the equal of Stameys or hush puppies as good.


Best hot dog with fries/tater tots/rings: Fat Dogs on Spring Garden

Honorable mention: Fisher's Grill

Bill Wood

Across from A&T, on Market, are another two surprises...

China Grill is a small chinese, mostly takeout, eatery. It is beacue of an excellent cook - very tasty and very reasonably priced. Be hungry, or ready to have a pile of leftovers.

Second, practically next door, is Tasty Grill, and American resteraunt owned by a Korean lady, who often adds Korean to the menu.

The dbl cheeseburger is a great lunch deal, as is the double dog.

I visit these at lunch time; it beats the Cafeteria food on Campus, and costs about as much.

Kirk D.

Thanks for the sub tip Cara, I will definately give them a try. I'm litterally dying for a good sub sandwhich!



Although I'm really interested in recommendations, I had hesitated to start the eastern/Lexington debate because I figured it had raged here before I started reading Ed's blog and because I was afraid it would get ugly. I actually quite like good Lexington style barbecue. I mean, it isn't the great 'cue of my youth, and there's nothing really unusual about it (plenty of other places in the country can and do claim Lexington style as theirs and just slap another name on it), but I'm a big fan of the other white meat, well-prepared, in most of its forms. As for Stamey's, whatever style it is, I just don't see it, but to each his own, there's no accounting for taste, etc. In the spirit of harmony and mutual understanding, I offer this from Emily Dickinson:

The Robin's my Criterion for Tune --
Because I grow -- where Robins do --
But, were I Cuckoo born --
I'd swear by him --
The ode familiar -- rules the Noon --
The Buttercup's, my Whim for Bloom --
Because, we're Orchard sprung --
But, were I Britain born,
I'd Daisies spurn --
None but the Nut -- October fit --
Because, through dropping it,
The Seasons flit -- I'm taught --
Without the Snow's Tableau
Winter, were lie -- to me --
Because I see -- New Englandly --
The Queen, discerns like me --
Provincially --

If you ever feel like branching out (it won't be your favorite I know, but just for something new), I humbly suggest Bullock's in Durham, Parker's in Greenville or Wilson, Wilber's in Goldsboro, and best of all, the Ruritan Club half way between Wallace and Chinquapin in Duplin County. You'll have to get there between 3:30 and 7 on Saturday afternoon. Get the combination with the fried chicken.

Phil Melton


Also in the spirit of harmony and mutual understanding, I'll stipulate (as I intended to in my last post, but simply forgot) that most barbecue is good barbecue. The kind of cooked pork I prefer depends on my mood at the time.

I've eaten BBQ from Bullock's many times (they were a preferred caterer for Record Bar functions when I worked there), and have also had Wilber's. Both places are very good, and I'll keep your other recommendations in mind.

As far as other BBQ places in the Triangle go, I like the Memphis style of Red Hot and Blue, and the pulled pork at Danny's in Morrisville. Both places also have excellent tomato based red sauces. To me, a large part of the BBQ experience anywhere is dependent on the sides, and the great red slaw and hush puppies at Stamey's added to its barbecue is what elevates the experience there for me.

Cara Michele

On this subject, my wise momma says: "It just depends on where you were born and what you grew up eating. It has nothing to do with the barbeque." I agree. My family is from eastern North Carolina ("down east"), where Parkers = barbeque. They'll eat Stamey's, and they enjoy it, but every trip home includes at least one trip to Parker's, and everybody talks about it on the trip down. "Are we going to Parker's first?" My mom sometimes brings containers back in a cooler when she goes down without us. I don't eat barbeque or hot dogs, so I don't eat at Stamey's. But Parker's has a more extensive menu, including marinated grilled chicken.

Phil Melton

The best pizza in Greensboro is at Bill's Pizza Pub on High Point Road. Their pizza is unique. I prefer their combination of piled, finely chopped toppings, melted cheese and thin crust to that anywhere else I've been, including Chicago and New York.

Michael Pope

I agree with many of the barbecue comments, but I couldn't agree less with the Bill's Pizza Pub suggestion. From the looks of it, I imagine that place is on its last breath; even so, the "pizza" has always sucked to high heaven, in my opinion. Pepperoni & sausage aren't meant to be served like pepper & salt, for godsakes; I much, much prefer a more rustic look & preparation. Consider GVG for pizza! The wood-fire roasted pizza, fresh mozzarella & other gourmet, Giacomo's toppings . . . hard to beat - especially when paired with one of their excellent wines!

Another good pizza: Ristorante L'Italiano on Hwy. 68. Technically High Point, yes, but the pizza's really good.

BTW, Ed, Giacomo's does do subs, and they're excellent!!

My other favorites: Giovanni's, Marisol, Saigon.


..had supper tonight at Bianca's..excellent food, service and value.

Brian Carter

Jerusalem Market on High point road makes reallly good sandwiches. They are on a really thin flat bread, but all the sandwiches are really fantastic. Fresh vegetables and authentic middle eastern dips and authentic falafel!!!


I'm from "Down East" NC, and have been reluctant to try any BBQ restaurants in the four years I've lived in Greensboro...but after reading these comments, I may try Stamey's or the one in downtown High Point.

If you ever find yourself in New Bern, NC, definitely try Moore's BBQ...or in Havelock on the way to the beach - try Smithfields Chicken & BBQ.

Other restaurants I like in our area:

Bert's Seafood
J. Basul Nobles (HP)
Elizabeth's Pizza
Cheesecakes by Alex (I do not recommend Ganache)


For the sandwich crowd or just really good Italian dishes try Napoli on State Street. The food is really fresh, the only down side is that it is very romantic (read small). However, I am hard pressed to find a better Italian Sub.

Real time weary

If you think Saffron is the best Indian restaurant, you must not have tried Gold India on High Point Rd. Always fresh!

Ed Cone

I've had some good meals at Gold India, but I think Saffron is a better restaurant. Nice to have some choices in that realm.

Roger Greene

The best barbeque in Greensboro is B's Barbeque in Greenville.

Roger Greene

Best Tenderloin Biscuit in the World....Country Barbeque.


Sushi- US Sushi in Friendly Center
Barbeque- Country BBQ or Shane's Rib Shack
If you want a good hot dog- YumYum's on UNCG campus
Japanese Food- Ginza at Highpoint Rd/Meadowview Intersection


Best Sushi - Imperial Koi Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar, New Garden..Unbelievable!!
Best Pizza - Mario's!!
Best Breakfast - Jake's Diner or Smith St. Diner

Anywhere in G'boro to get a cheesesteak with 'Whiz'?


Ginza is at High Point rd. and Groometown rd.

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