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Oct 21, 2006


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Jim Caserta

From the link:

Others suggested "metronatural" evoked an urban nudist camp and speculated about whether it would last longer than "SayWA," which the state dropped recently because it failed to catch on.

Apolgies to those in marketing, very often, and especially with locations, substance trumps style. Coke is a heavily marketed product, but no amount of marketing would convince Coke drinkers that new Coke was better than Coke classic - the taste counted.

The things that the Triad has to offer - affordable living, open spaces, multiple universities, a family friendly atmosphere, minor league baseball, good restaurants, proximity to fantastic parks - will show through with a reasonable length ad or website. Whatever "brand" one might come up with will not make the Triad something it is not.

Jim Caserta

Most affordable city in North Carolina, according to Businessweek?

Most Affordable market: ?
2006 Average Sales Price: $195,905

Most Expensive market: Wilmington
2006 Average Sales Price: $335,725

Variance: $139,820


As a former north carolinian who's lived in seattle for a good long time, i gotta say that "metronatural" is better than "charlotte USA" or "greensboro connects"...though it is stupid. my favorite that we came up with was "seattle: shhh."

Ps - Greensboro has good restaurants now???

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