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Oct 19, 2006


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Did they use a computer and the internet to come up with this study? In which case how many hours did they spend on each?

Doug H

"the Precious"...I've heard others use that term before. gollum


If I go out of town, I am prefectly happy not to see a computer for days - there is so much more other stuff to enjoy. But at home - it's minutes, not days, and I start shaking uncontrollably!


I had a similar reaction upon reading that Mel Gibson's blood alcohol was 0.12. I thought, "0.12?! I've never been that sober."


Oddly enough, that question came up yesterday when I was guest-lecturing down at Davidson. I said no, I don't really have any problem walking away from the machine for a week or more, particularly but not exclusively on vacation. The questioner then asked if I didn't "get into trouble" if I didn't blog daily. I'm not quite sure where that was coming from ....


Hmmm. Actually, if I'm aways on vacation I tend to try to avoid newspapers and news in general. For example, we'll be taking a trip to Disney this spring and we'll be gone for 10 days. I plan to not look at a newspaper or tv show for the entire time. I might bring my laptop but only so I can post pictures. Or I might not. I might just take a 10 day break! It's good for the soul every once in a while.


I can quit any time I want. I choose not to.

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