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Oct 13, 2006


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It's nice to hear a civic activist use clear English to explain a real problem. GSO > Chicago> Pick up Simcha (30 minutes away) > Chicago > GSO was $1200. From RDU? $400. Guess which one we took, even with the inconvenience of a 6:30 a.m. RDU flight.


It's a shame, considering how relatively easy it is to get in/out of PTI's lots and terminal.

I can't think of too many airports of its size that still allow virtual at-the-door parking for meeting flights.

I still think FedEx will bring good things for those who fly commercially out of the Triad.

Ed Cone

I hope so on FedEx, Bubba...

And you are so right about the ease of use in GSO. Maybe they should market that more?


Delta's got a stranglehold on Cincinnati, too. And they play the same pricing game.The nearest competing airport is Dayton, about an hour's drive north. If you live in Cincinnati, flying out of Dayton is considerably more hassle than bopping from GSO to RDU.

I'm curious, though. Other airports must also be essentially one-airline monopolies. What happens there?

Sheila Etheridge

Being and airline employee at PTI, not for Delta, I must say, the article in the N&R regarding Delta was nasty and meanspirited.
Mr Iaasacson slammed Delta for it's high fares, and basically put all of PTI's problems on them. What Mr Isaacson needs to do is look in the mirror. The reporter should have gotten some more information as to why fares might be so high here. Do some research on the rent and the landing fees that the airlines, and all the tenants pay the airport. They are the highest in the entire region. Check out the parking fees that have gone up, the lack of restaraunts (because the the rents and leases that are forced to sign), the lack of any shopping at all (okay the little, tiny thing in the center), very limited seating in the lobby area. The amenities, for the public, at the airport are pitiful.
The airport washes the windows 2x a year, for markets, cleans the floors maybe as often, you'll see holes in walls where signs have been moved.
All this does present itself to the public...
In the article, is there mention that Delta has pulled some flights out of PTI? Could that be some of the reason ridership is down? They are in business to make money, as is the airport, and they need to charge accordingly, to pay for their bills from the airport.
And last but not least, bottom line Mr. Isaacson, who's job is it to get the low cost carriers into PTI? Who's job is it to attract businesses to the airport? Certainly not Delta's. Are you putting that are their back too?
The concorses are empty because there are no restaraunts or other airlnes there to fill them, is that Deltas fault?
The blame really needs to be shifted to the airport itself.

(the new 5million dollar bagbelt system is a whole nother blog)

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