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Oct 07, 2006


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David Wharton

Thanks for the legwork, Ed.

John D. Young

The web knowledgeable folks and especially the Greensboro blog community have a lot to offer in this important community discussion. Ed, it is good to see that you have provided much better access to this important information. Yes indeed -- THANKS!

I do want to mention that Joe Guarino at his blog at http://www.guarino.typepad.com/ has contributed significantly to this discussion by providing regular summaries of Jerry Bledsoe's articles since week one.

Danny Smith

In reading the series "Cops in Black and White", I read parts 1 thru 16 and then nothing after that. Where are parts 17 thru ....?


"Where are parts 17 thru ....?"

Note the date on this thread.

Try the Rhino web site now.

Ed Cone

Danny, thanks for the reminder. Updated.

The Rhino posts these things several days after I read them in print, and I'll admit that my eyes have begun to glaze as the series goes on and on without addressing the central issues of the City's case against Wray.

The Rhino's own web page has improved, but it still lacks a central landing page with all of these linked, and the archives are not well-laid-out, so I'll keep adding these as I remember to do so...



You dont address anything either.

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