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Sep 27, 2006


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"Hanging out" downtown is a slope, albeit not very slippery. A couple of years ago, Ray Gibbs was bemoaning (on our Action GSO initial bus trip exploring places many did not know) the glut of surface parking and the under-utilization of parking decks. Today, he bemoans lack of build-able space. People are downtown, thanks in part to synerG, Action GSO, and stalwart merchants.

If downtown is crowded with hangers-out, well, good. Build more sidewalk eateries and drinkeries. Let them site down. Get them something affordable to do that does not involve cruising down High Point Road.

Both of my adult kids love to hang out in downtown and one of them is a NYC'er. I'll go so far as to agree with Hammer that we need more police presence downtown at night, at least. But I won't go so far as the attitude that people should be encouraged to merely hang out.

First Saturday. I've been singing this song for too long. Merchants associations should do it sooner than later.

Ed Cone

I think John and Brian both have reasonable points to make, synthesized well by Sue.

Joe Killian

Oh, man.

Clarey's column reminds me of something I might have written back when...you know...I was writing things like that.

I spend a lot of time downtown. I work there. I drink there. I talk with the cops who work and drink there every day.

The idea that the place is being overrun with people who aren't contributing anything to the downtown economy is patently ridiculous. There are certainly panhandlers - as there are anywhere where people are laying down money for 30 year-old-scotch and $10 hamburgers. But that's hardly the same thing.

We need more cops everywhere. But I do have to agree we should probably start with places where there is...well, a lot of actual crime. Downtown doesn't seem to qualify.

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