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Sep 01, 2006


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Ed Cone

I've seen some good playing in the parking lot at the Galax fiddler's convention, too...

Alan Cone Bulluck

I've never seen a show at the Coliseum, but I saw a pretty darn good Widespread Panic show at War Memorial Auditorium, back in '96 - my first and I was hooked right away.

I saw a lot of Phish shows but stopped seeing them after the '99-'00 New Year's shows in Florida. But, a good amount of people regard the Greensboro show of 2003 to be the last great Phish show, and after a listen to it, I concur.

The Dead played some legendary shows at the Coliseum too, but I do know that the heads were not on their best behavior at some of the shows during the late 80's. That Dark Star they ripped out in '91 is still one of my all time faves.

So, speaking from the "jamband" camp, Greensboro has always wound up being the home of the "sleeper" shows.

David Hoggard

Parting shot...

Most of the original New Grass Revival - sans John Cowan - playing at my and Jinni's cabin-in-the-country wedding in Bowling Green, Ky - September 1984.


In 1972 Jackson Browne opened for America in the Greensboro Auditorium. It was a crime, because I've yet to experience anything remotely close since.

Now that I'm old enough to be truly open to most types of music, when I watch Diana Krall Live in Paris, I recognize several things. Anthony Wilson is the best guitarist I've ever watched and heard play. Only a handful of artists' music and talent in Rock and Roll approaches the quality, music, lyrics and emotions of the American songbook.

It doesn't mean I don't still love The Band, Beatles, Browne, CCR and others, (I love the Dixie Chicks, Chesney, and especially Yokum as well, but most of the time I am rightfully dissapointed in the poor singing voices from most bands in the Rock genre.

Fred Gregory

Places ? Don't gasp, but I liked Foreigner's " Agent Provocateur" which contained their only No. one hit " I Want To Know What love Is "

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