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Sep 13, 2006


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Dang, wish I was a Chapel Hill blogger so I'd get an invite... Oh, yeah, I am ;-)


Sorry you weren't there, Will. You would have been a good addition with lots of good insights.

It was interesting and strange for me to be out in the public with all my schizophrenia and introversion. But I was impressed with Mr. Edwards and am seriously looking at jumping on his bandwagon.

For now though, we have a state to turn blue and for the next two months, that's the only thing on my mind.


It was an amazing group of VERY intelligent people. I enjoyed hearing all the ideas. Talking politics is fun as hell! Good to see ya’ll. "John Edwards you’re our only hope Obi-Wan."


Indeed, it was a substantial chat. Didn't feel at all like politicin'.

Samuel Spagnola

Sounds like a preview of the "nonpartisan" ConvergeSouth. I can't wait for the reports...

Samuel Spagnola

Just curious, was this a fund raising event? Who was invited?

Dr. Mary Johnson

Jumping in this Edwardian love-fest is like putting a bull's-eye on one's back, but yes indeed (to comment number one), Sam. Where former Senator Edwards is concerned, I've always found that "substantial chat" and substantive action are two different things. Former public servant here: I got run over by that bandwagon. Edwards was too busy playing Kennedywannabe on Kerry's front lawn.

The whole point of Edwards campaign (and please don't tell us it isn't a campaign) is that it doesn't feel like "politicin".

Overall, the "action" issue is what just might trip up the "blue state" thing: the "blues" in Raleigh have given us some outstanding (not) examples of ethics and fiscal responsibility in politics.


I was free, idle and bored last night. So bored I watched King Kong on DVD!

Just not nearly busy enough as I was back in August 2003 when I started blogging on the Edwards campaign blog, through the November 2004, still blogging on the Edwards campaign blog now renamed OAC...

They must have known how much I wanted to see King Kong when they decided not to invite me....


Oh, only for VERY intelligent folk - that explains where my invite got to ;-)

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