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Jul 19, 2006


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E. Cone Levy

Has anyone considered the fact that (sadly) not many people really care about the TRC, and soon, no one will remember the shooting?

Ed Cone

Front-pager in the Wall Street Journal this morning about the relatively small turnout for bicentennial celebrations of the Lewis and Clark expedition. So, people shouldn't study or talk about L&C?

Tiny percentages show up for local primaries and elections. So, we should cancel democracy?

Has anyone considered that the TRC might best be judged on its own terms, not through the lens of American Idol ratings or popularity contests?


Yvonne Johnson is always thoughful and ahead of the curve. Keith's one of the best mayor's you've ever had.

E. Cone Levy

yes ed, i completely agree. i'm sick of studying about lewis and clark, they should just go away


"Dianne Bellamy-Small stated as fact that the CWP wasn't looking for an actual confrontation and that the real story involved jobs and justice, with which I would take some issue."

Saying that you are not alone in that opinion would be a significant understatement.

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