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Jul 28, 2006


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Samuel Spagnola

Very funny, Ed. I'm suprised he didn't mention "Jessica Simpson Topless" or "Lindsay Lohan Caught on Tape"...

Dr. Mary Johnson

Careful Ed. They'll bounce you off your column.

Cara Michele

What? No Suri Cruise? No Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? Why no baby love? ;)


So, like, uh, you'll think less of me if I title something "Tommy Lee's Di**?"

Nah, you couldn't think less of me.

(The ** is out of respect for your kids. You're welcome.)


Putting "Tera Williams" in your blog is good for a couple dozen hits a week from all over, too, Ed.

Cara Michele

Oh. Now I get it.

Samuel Spagnola

I suspect Tera Williams would generate more responses around here than the others. She is better looking. Gate is on to something. Ask Scott Yost.

Billy The Blogging Poet

I'll keep mine to myself thank you. After all, I don't need to give away my greatest Google Hits?



Now that you have mentioned all of the above....has your number of hits gone up?


It's sad that one of my most popular blog posts is a bit I wrote on Giada de Laurentiis and her food porn. Some of the searches that get people to that post aren't ones that can be repeated in polite company.

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