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Jul 26, 2006


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It is physically impossible for a woman to have an Adams apple. If a woman can be seen to have an Adams apple then she is in fact a man either in drag, or a pre- or post-operative transexual. There is no need to confirm this further (thank GOD!) but a gravelly voice is normally confirmation.

CIA Fixer

Midget???? LOL.....Coming from a drunk that is hilarious! Connie, how come you left out the part about you being a reporter for Soldier of Fortune Magazine?

Too bad Max the dog didn't come to the meeting. Would have been nice to have someone from the Hunter Campaign there that is sane. BTW, Is he strill trying to eat Rachel's hand?

When does rachel go back in for sergury so they can reinsall the brain anyways?

CIA Fixer

Oh - and if you want pictures of John to post on the kooks website, I'd reccomend a digital camera instead of the disposable you showed up with.

Ed Cone

Hostile comments about a woman's brain tumor are over just about any line I can imagine, Fixer.

CIA Fixer

agreed - if Connie apologizes for his remarks last night and today so will I. I aint holding my breath though.

There is something about an insane individual taking photos of my friends and I that just get's to me.....

Ed Cone

An apology for such a coarse statement should not be contingent on anything but possessing a sense of decency.


This is why I keep my site moderated and require registration.

CIA Fixer

Chivalry is not dead! You're a good man Ed.

Let's see.... I'm supoosed to apologize to a woman who has called an African American Candidate for Congress a "Slave" - Compared Democratic Party Chair Jerry Meeks To Adolf Hitler - Talks about judges she knows masterbating on her website - and Lies about an endorsement from Dean Smith?

Not in this lifetime. Sorry Ed. Decency has left the building.

Connie Mack Jr

Connie, you are welcome to comment here. I'm just telling you, as have other readers, that long, disjointed, and off-topic comments don't command much interest. Perhaps if you put more effort into fewer comments, the results would be more productive.*Ed Cone

Thanks Ed for your kind remark. The only reason as I said before is simply to defend off the cuff personal comments toward me or my Candiate. I really don't have time to comment here as I have more important issues at this stage to move forward. I don't mean to hog this site nor want that impression to be use as a campaign promo. You are welcome to chat with RH if you feel you need info about issues or the affect of the internet in a political campaign.

Hey Fix! Did you tell the folks how you had your pic taken at 6 inches with the flash cam after asking me to take it. Is it true you are wearing sun glasses today and seeing little pink sissy elephants dancing around in your puppy like brain.

Like I told you last night! You are not very good at your job.I would suggest another career move before you turn 25.

Connie Mack Jr

Oh one other thing Fix, you appear to be not be very smart by posting personal libel comments on the net here and giving me your name last night.

Have a nice day and remember one thing dude. It's not working and it will never work. Checkmate!

Samuel Spagnola

Good story on the semantics used in the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict is found here:


No mention of genocide, though.


I'm writing this in response to Ed's placing the blame for rising health care costs at the feet of President Bush. Throughout the 90s and during this millennium malpractice lawsuits have increased significantly in frequency and amount demanded. That means malpractice insurance for the doctors has increased. As malpractice insurance increases for doctors, they charge more for the procedures to help cover their rising malpractice insurance costs. Since the doctors now charge more, the insurance plan your brother is on and the plan my family is on increases in cost.

In the period from 1994 to 2000, the median (not mean), jury malpractice award was nearly $1 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. That is, some person with a good sob story ended up actually staying in the hospital an extra month because of complications during the surgery and actually lost $20,000 of missed time of from work and extra hospital bills, but then wants another million dollars in punitive damages. The trend that started in the 90s has continued to this day as insurance premiums for doctors and policy-holders like your brother increase at a double-digit percentage rate because of increasing lawsuits and punitive damages.

You want someone to blame for rising health care costs, why don't you look at the lawyers who are convincing "victims" and juries that 1 million dollars is necessary just because the patient experienced extra discomfort because of their extended hospital stay. For example, what does John Edwards do for a living? He sues hospitals for malpractice and lines his pockets with the awards.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Harry Reid believes that State Governments should fix these problems at a state level while Nevada, Reid's state, has one of the biggest problems in the US for malpractice insurance premiums, which is motivating doctors to move to different states.

While there certainly are malpractice suits where the doctors were negligent, the amount of the awards is becoming ridiculous. Also, remember that it is John Edwards, not President Bush, who is looking for his next sob story to use to line his pockets with a huge cut of a million dollar punitive damages award.

Ed Cone

Xander, I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say I blame Bush for higher medical costs.

Also, I don't have a brother.

In any case, malpractice costs are certainly one area of concern in the larger context of healthcare costs, although the relative effect of malpractice costs is hotly debated.


My bad. The names are under the statement. My last message was for gregrocker. Sorry Ed.


Randi Rhodes is a nut. I listened to her briefly this past Friday and actually heard her say that of all the names she has been called her favorite is Tokyo Rhodes because the real Tokyo Rose was an "American hero."

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