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Jun 27, 2006


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actually, i thought he was being a prick for his jab at you -- whether it was because you hold him to his public word or because you approached an apology from a different persepctive or any other reason he might have to veer off-point as he did.

tom's analysis of the times -- labor issues and the goals of the CWP -- are pretty much spot on from my perspective, but it doesn't read as an honest analysis, as he couldn't stay on point. even in this situation, he had to use what seems to be an honest discussion about the events of '79 as a lede into a punchline.

the way i see it, his "reparation" line is a perfect reflection of his perspective of the entire TRC process -- that it's a ruse, created specifically to get more money from the town. it's a perspective i've heard more than a few times around the blog circuit this past month.

hey, we live in a bean-counter society. sadly, it's hard to expect much more...

Ed Cone

Thanks for having my back, Sean.

The jab at me missed for the reasons I mentioned (also, Cone Mills was in 1979 a public company, not family owned, and had been for decades), and I get along fine with Tom, and I don't think his snark is working out very well for him.

You are right about the reparations line -- it's a reductive and unsubstantiated claim. I've been consistent in noting the potential legal and financial dangers of a City apology, but Tom is accepting the monetary angle as a given and the prime mover in this story.

I don't really buy the CWP story as an indictment of the capitalist system, and I think it's safe to say that Tom does not, either.

It's especially disappointing that Tom made his comments after my column about the CWP leading the way with an apology. The TRC report, although overly credulous about the relationship between labor issues and radical politics, is clear that the CWP bears some of the responsibility for the events of 1979. What a shame that an elected official who said he would read the report has retreated to a position of deliberate ignorance.

sean coon

well stated.

ben holder

It is even a bigger shame that the GTRC pushed half truths and infammatory statements to fit their agenda on page 382.

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