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Jun 09, 2006


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John D. Young

Emily Harwell has responses to some recent questions on the TRC blog that were asked in the comment area under Ubuntu Weekly #66. I included her response below to the question: "In your Report you refer several times to an all white jury, however, the jury Forman, one of the jury members in the first trial who pushed hard for some type of conviction, was Octavio R. Manduley a Hispanic Cuban. How does Mr. Manduley fit your definition of "all white jury?"

"On a related issue, the blog poster asked why we could call the juries “all white” when one member on the state jury was a Cuban. This is a complicated issue, one that also comes up when people refer to 4 or of the 5 victims being "white." Racial and ethnic identity is obviously very contested ground (there are entire academic disciplines devoted to it) because these concepts are so deeply intertwined with politics and power. In addition, self-identifiers have greatly evolved over time. Many Hispanics refer to themselves as racially white, which is why the 2000 the US census started using the distinction between 'white Hispanic' and 'white not Hispanic.' It would have been preferable to have Mr. Manduley identify his own ethnicity/race, but he declined to participate in our process."

Beatriz A. Manduley

As far as the ethnic composition of the Klan/Nazis jury, I feel compeled to clarify an statement posted by John D. Young on June 9 of this year. Mr Manduley is a WHITE HISPANIC. There are such things, you know. Just like all Americans are not white or black, or in between. Hispanics come in all colors, just like Americans. Anyone that sees him, or knows him will realize that he is of the white race. He was just born somewhere else. Easy to understand, I hope. I should know. I have been his wife for the last 52 years!

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