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May 25, 2006


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Just checking in.

Connie Mack Jr

Connie Mack can speak for himself.* Ginger Bush
* note! He sure can and the last thing is that you want that fool as your political adviser.. RLH

Ginger! I have been out of God paradise and have miss this discussion between you and ED about this God business. I am sorry to report that the religious cornerback that I was trying to sign with the Carolina Panthers rejected their offer when he found out that they play on Sundays. However the good news is that I have found him another leaque to play in. It appears that Brother Pat Robertson has formed a semi-pro leaque in Israel this coming year.

He was drafted by the Jaffe Christian Knight's Templar's Warriors in the first round. The opening game will be play on Friday Sept 11, 2006 against the Paletine Giants. Can I interested you in becoming a member of the Cheerleadering team for the Templars?

By the way! I just fiqure out why you are defending the 1.8 million different types of Christianity? Your last name is Bush!


"Just checking in."

Posted by: God | Jun 04, 2006 at 12:18 PM

Well, just WHO do you think you are anyway? Ed Cone?

Ed Cone

Maybe (to quote Bill Murray in Groundhog Day) a god, not the god.


Actually, I think God would think this joke is hilarious. And yes, I did see it as "mocking the notion of God as a white man," not mocking God, so that makes another of us. I was surprised to see your name on these comments, Ginger. Why don't you step back and look at it clearly?

Connie Mack Jr

Well, just WHO do you think you are anyway? Ed Cone?* Bubba

Bubba! Ed is God here and if you don't believe it. Watch him ban your pagan insults to him. It is not nice to fool around with God on the internet!

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